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May 23, 2016

There's a gator and where's the food?

People from other states always ask us about alligators when they hear that we are from Florida.
We really don't see them very often.

But then this happened to Joy the other night, well, what do we say now? LOL

It was as long as she is tall! And it was quickly walking across the street!
In the middle of the CITY!
Boy, did it give her a scare, even from outside of her car! Bless her heart!

Zac threw a little family surprise party for Tiffany's 21st birthday Friday night. She loves Mexican food so I volunteered to make my sister-in-law's chimichamga recipe. (which I never make because that much awesomeness takes too much work)
I was SO happy about beating all the rush hour traffic to their apartment
UNTIL I realized I had FORGOTTEN THE FOOD, in the fridge!
Literally, all those chimichangas I had just made were left behind! Boo-hoo!
Oh my goodness!
Because of the distance and the traffic, I couldn't go back and I felt so bad!
I ended up waiting until after we all surprised her, to run out and get take-out tacos from the nearest Mexican restaurant that I could find! And they were surprisingly good, which is really saying something because this is not California.
We have way more alligators than we do good Mexican restaurants! ; )


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