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May 9, 2016

My Mother's Day and everyone else's

So, it turned into Take your Mom to Work WEEK at the florist shop! : )

And I had a really great time!

When I was growing up, my dad owned three UPS Stores. Apparently, Christmastime to the UPS Store is what the week before Mother's Day, is to a florists shop! Crazy and nonstop!
Andrew worked 44 hrs and declared that "Adulting is hard" and "How did Dad ever do it?!" : )

It was really fascinating how the store worked. I enjoyed being apart of the team that processed the orders. Paperwork is my thing! Then they taught me how to put grennery in the vases before the designers added the flowers. So fun!
And last but not least, I learned how to make deliveries!
~I think if my hubby were here he would have kindly reminded me beforehand, that I am really not good with directions and that this may not be something I'm cut out for. LOL
He was directionally challenged also and our kids say the only time we ever argued was over directions! Then GPS's came out and Hubby bought one and used to joke that it saved our marriage! ; )
Anyway, that first day delivering was rough! I learned something new about myself. -When I miss lunch by several hours, I start to be unable to distinguish my right from my lefts. Oh my stars!

And the traffic on a Friday afternoon was something else and all those delieveries had to be made by 5:00 before the moms left work!
And I can tell you it was only by the grace of God alone, that Julie got her $250 worth of roses from Ricardo by 4:57!
And I will not tell you what happened with a certain gate at a certain mansion! ; )

However, my sanity returned on Saturday because delivering that day was a piece of cake! No traffic! No businesses! No deadlines! Just happy moms at home in lovely subdivisions. The only 'traffic' to avoid were the cars scoping out the garage sales! Whew!

My Mother's Day was just perfect! It included: flowers, chocolate, lunch at my favorite restaurant, a trip to the beach, the sunset, breakfast for dinner and lots of time spent with my sweet kiddos! And a sweet long phone call from Nathan. (insert heart emjoi here!) It was loads of fun! I'm thankful beyond words for each of them!


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