"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

May 17, 2016

Our Full/Fuller House

We have a happy new development coming in the fall. Our oldest son is going back to school. Yay!
He took a break from working on his business degree during Hubby's cancer battle, so that he could spend as much of his free time with his dad as he could. And because his classes were accelerated, I'm not sure he would've seen him very much otherwise. He is so grateful for that decision!

His break turned into a whole year, after all that has taken place...
And during that time he also got married! Yay!

Now he's ready to go back and I've invited him and his sweet wife to live with us while he finishes. They said 'yes' and we are all EXCITED!

It will be so fun to have a full house again.
It has seemed so strange for there to only be three of us living here now. -Last year there were 6 of us because Uncle Phil (Hubby's brother, who is a stroke patient) lived here part of each year, too. And when Nate lived here, there were 7.

So, we are glad that we will once again have a crowded, loud house.
It's our thing!
And you know it is going to get a lot louder when one of your house guests is a drummer! ; )
-We never realized how loud our house was, until Uncle Phil moved in and started commenting on all the "random singing" and the kids playing their instruments. He loved it all.

I just have a hunch that this new arrangement might be something that God uses to help heal our grief. And if nothing else, it will be whole LOT of FUN!

-Congrats to Zac, who just found out that he made the Dean's List during his last semester under such difficult circumstances! PTL!


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