"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

May 26, 2016

Parties for days

It has been the week of parties around here!

Thursday evening we had friends and family over for a little dinner party to eat all those chimichangas I had to freeze! (since I didn't actually remember to bring them to Tiff's birthday party) 😂 Then we played Reverse Charades and laughed like crazy. (one person on the team guesses and the rest of the team has to act out the word at the same time. It is hilarious to watch!) Fun night!

Friday night we hosted a surprise birthday celebration at our house for a very dear friend of our family! Love  you, D!

And had all these sweet kids over!

They also went to a coffee bar and then came back to eat cake and more Reverse Charades happened! How cute is this gluten-free pink pony cake that her friend made? 

On Saturday night I helped with a graduation party for one of Joy's best friends who has a full scholarship to Howard University. So proud of her!

I had a blast! Because what could be more fun than having someone else fund cute things for you to make on Pinterest!

(thanks for all the painting, Joy!)

People signed Jinga blocks as the 'guest book!' Fun keepsake for her to take to college!
ring pops!

Blessed to have so many precious people in our lives!
Tomorrow I hope to find myself a sunny spot in the sand and then play in some waves and relax!

Happy Memorial Day weekend!


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