"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

December 10, 2015

Sweet and sappy stuff

I don't think my hubby was a big fan of this analogy, but I used to tell him that he was like Mary Poppins:
 "practically perfect in every way." : )  It was so true!
And it made a happy marriage very easy! How could it not!?

We were asked to write down marriage advice at one of the (many) weddings happening around here lately and my advice was something we did, and I'm happy to say that it worked for all 24 years!
When we got married, we made a promise to each other that we would never raise our voices at one another.... And we never did!
Such a blessing!
(I wish I would have been awesome enough to have thought to have made that promise to our kids
as well! But no such luck! lol)

We also promised never to leave our home in anger. You know, where one person drives away, angry at another.
We kept that one too!

For some reason, we also never used each other's first names.
Like ever.
He was "Hon," "Honey,"and "Lovey." And I was "Kind Woman" and "Baby Cakes" and all sorts of other ones! -I don't know if I would advise this. Sometimes it was embarassing in public. ; )

Even to the very end, my hubby was always finding a way to care for me. One of my sweetest hosptial memories is of his eyes searching a-sometimes-crowded hospital room, looking for my face! Whenever he found my face, he would wink his left eye at me. He did this many times a day!  It meant the world to me. And it was his sweet way of always reassuring me in the midst of everything that was happening!
Such a sweetheart! I'll always treasure that!

He spent years praying daily for me and one of the verses he always prayed was Prov. 11:16.
I pray that I would be "A gracious woman who retains honor." He was certainly an honorable man and I was blessed!


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