"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

December 4, 2015

A JOYful birthday!

Joy's 19th birthday fell on the day after Hubby's memorial service.

~I'm so glad that I didn't know then, that she received a card from a relative that had these sentiments written inside:
"Death hurts the ones left behind.."
"Sorry that your birthday is going to suck."


Anyway, all that to say, I had been determined that it would not "suck" and I'm happy to say that it didn't! : )
Thankfully, our sweet family and friends, who were still here from CA, helped us have a GREAT DAY celebrating Joy!

My sweet daughter-in-love was in charge of the birthday brainstorming because my mind was occupied with the memorial. She is fabulous in every way and your go-to-girl for entertaining or party planning. Her idea was to go to an "escape room."
Have you heard of those?
You basically pay money to get locked in a room! LOL
And you have to solve a series of puzzles that eventually show you a way out of that room.
It is a lot of fun for a group of people.

We chose a Sherlock Holmes themed escape room! We all love that show!

 I had also bought her this,

completely by accident just because we had all become adult coloring book addicts during the our time in hospital lobbies.

So, I could not have been happier when it hit me that I had a Sherlock THEME going because I'm ALL ABOUT a themed party! : )

After church, we had lunch in Downtown Disney and found out that it is now Disney Springs. -The GPS on everyone's phones wanted to take us to CA!

Then we went to the escape room where they locked us in for an hour and a half!

I felt pretty sure I'd be locked there for a lifetime without all the smart people who were with us!
 There were even square roots to solve!

And we came very close to solving the very last puzzle, but didn't make it.  

 Thankfully, they walk you through the parts you missed before you leave.
-Some decompressing had to take place afterwards. ; )

 Then we headed back to Disney Springs where some of our group needed to do some Star Wars shopping and Joy and the boys headed to a restaurant to celebrate her day with her friends from church.

I can't say my day was without its tears. I did a bit of crying through Disney Springs when it hit me that I would never hold my Hubby's hand at a place like that again...

But all in all, it was a blast!
I'm so thankful for my sweet family and friends who helped plan it and pull it off!
They helped make it the birthday that didn't "s_ _ _."
Love them all to pieces!

Happy Birthday, to a girl who is a joy, in every way and who always makes us so proud!" xoxo


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