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October 28, 2015

It was good news!

The oncologist said the scan looks good!
The results showed that there isn't any cancer anywhere in Hubby's body!!!!
The doctor would not call him cancer-free yet but said he is 'in a good place.'
He thinks it could pop up in the abdomen, which looks suspicious to him. (prayers appreciated for that)
We asked for a break from chemo and he agreed. He said the chemo has been worse for Hubby than the disease and THAT is the truth.
He wants to do one more chemo because of the abdomen and then do another scan to see how things are.
We tried bargaining for it to take place after Christmas and he countered with early December so that Hubby would feel better by Christmas.. I think he won. : )
Anyway, that is the plan.

We are SOOO excited!
To God be the glory!


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