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October 17, 2015

Food and fun

I promise that this will be the only post where I sound like a vegan food blogger. : )
I'm just glad that the things we tried this week were pretty yummy.

The hunt for a really good black bean burger recipe is still aluding me.
The latest one I tried last night, made Nathan say "This tastes like a bean burrito on a bun, no offense." LOL None taken.
The zoodles (zuchini noodles) with avocado sauce were yummy, but try serving leftovers which look like a big glob of  GREEN to a guy a guy who is always nausous...
Not gonna happen! ; )

This meal was yummy and pretty.

And hooray for vegan white pizza! The sauce is coconut milk and garlic and it works! Amazingly enough!

The wheat grass has sprouted! I guess we should have some to juice in about two days. 

When Joy and I were researching it, she found a video of a woman explaining how to grow it and then taking a big drink of it while staring non-blinkingly at the camera. Then she said "It takes like...grass" and we died laughing everytime we watched it. 
Was that suppose to make us want to try it? She seemed to think so! 

It was a rough week for my hubby. Some days were ok and others were so rough that he could barely talk. He feels like the chemo funk is just now starting to wear off. And today was a good day!  

Andrew took care of him for a little while and Joy and I went out for a quick outing to a framers market and cupcake festival. Guess what happens when you get there late and it is hot out and the cupcake venders want to go home? Gourmet cupcakes come cheap! ; ) 
 But Italian ice sounded much better! 


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