"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

October 11, 2015

Family time

Life is pretty low-key around here right now while Hubby is convalescing. There isn't a whole lot going on.

We try to keep things quiet, usually,
 except for today.
Today, we had a big Sunday lunch here with our kids and the newlyweds after church. We chose this Sunday on purpose because it was the weekend after the chemo treatment, meaning that Hubby would be on steroids and those give him a little more strength and a wee bit of energy, that he doesn't usually have to enjoy life more normally.
AND I cooked! Which I never do on Sunday afternoons! : )

Unfortunately, chemo treatment #3 must have been a doozy, because not even steroids have helped this time. He's had a rough go of it, ever since Friday. Bless his heart! Really rough!

Despite not feeling well, he was up for giving his usual speech before a family get together. (we all love those speeches)
This one was about how blessed we are to have Tiffany in our family and he thanked her for marrying Zac.
-And so did Zac! LOL And so did his siblings! : )
And Hubby reminded us that we may feel derailed during this season we are in right now, but it is just a part of the journey to get us all to our destiny.
Love him! Even in his weakest moments, he is encouraging us.

Then a very loud, fun game of charades took place, which he was somehow able to nap through.
-At this moment, certain kiddos are racing each other to the fridge for the leftovers.

Steering clear of the kitchen!

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