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April 14, 2015

Wedding dress shopping

We had the best time last night going with Tiffany and her parents and bridesmaids to look for her wedding dress!
It reminded me of the weekend one summer when she, Joy and Moriah couldn't get enough of the show, "Say Yes to the Dress!" I wrote this post about it way back then! : )
Who knew that just three years later, we would be living it out! (although not a Kleinfelds- LOL)
I got choked up when she was trying to decide which dress she thought Zac would like best. What mother of the groom wouldn't? So sweet!
There were two dresses that we all loved on her and she had us take a vote. It was so hard to decide between them.When she announced THE one, the store had her ring a bell and make a wish! Too cute!
 (I have pictures that I, of course, can't post!) : )
She and her mom shed some happy tears about it all and then her sweet dad wanted to take us all out to celebrate.
I felt like quite the party animal being out past 10:00 PM on a Monday night, eating yummy food made by this guy! ; )

How fun are: young love, purity, sweet friends and loving family members!
Not to mention, wedding dress shopping!!!It is a blast! : )


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