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April 22, 2015

A party, pain and Panda

Early last week, Andrew asked if he could have 11 people over to watch a movie on Friday night.
But then he cancelled it.
And then, on Thursday, it was on again...
But this time it was not to watch a movie and with way more than 11 people! : )
It was tons of fun! -Love those young people!

We had been keeping an eye on what we thought might be a spider bite or something on Andrew's leg and on Saturday morning the swelling and redness had doubled across the width of his shin, so we were off to the doctor.
 -And we've been going every other day since! (3 trips and counting!)
Guess what will make you wish your child had a spider bite?
When the doctor mentions the possibility of MRSA!
 But, thankfully the labs showed it wasn't that, and it is SO much better now. Not as well as they hoped, but better. They have had to lance this cyst 3 times! Poor guy!!! All that to say, I have definitely seen my quota of blood and pus lately! Blah!

So, I've had two patients this week and both on pain killers! Hubby has been doing well, but last Thursday he seriously OVERDID it by doing WAY more than sitting at his desk at the office. (he climbed in a client's attic) So, he has been in way more pain than he usually is.Then today, he OVERDID it again, lifting some wood, and had to come home due to the pain it caused in his chest. I'm wondering if chaining him to his desk would be a possibility?! ; )
Bless his heart, it is SO hard to be in this seemingly unending recovery mode.

In the midst of the craziness, the sweetest thing happened yesterday! Joy and Andrew said that they were taking me out for a 'surprise' during our (homeschooling) lunch break! Joy drove and they surprised me with a flower and a card that they had hidden in the glove box! Then they bought me lunch at Panda Express to thank me for all that I have been doing for them lately!
-Melt my heart!


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