"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

April 2, 2015

An empty chair

Hubby has often said that he won't feel like he's healed until he is back at work and climbing a 32 foot ladder! And bless his heart, that is a ways away due to his strength level.
As you can imagine, sitting in his chair day after day has been at times, rather depressing.
But the greatest thing happened today! PTL! -His company created a position for him working in the office and he can start tomorrow!
It is right up his alley, doing things he excels at. And he can "leave if he gets too tired or put his feet up on the desk and take a nap" on the spot. How sweet is that?! I could cry! Seriously cry!

We are so excited! Not because it means he will get paid. Because this amazing company has been paying him the entire time he's been unable to work! (and the reality of that often does make me cry!) We are excited because he so desperately wants to work and be productive.

After having him home for six months, it is going to be weird to see his chair empty tomorrow.
There were months that he could barely speak due to the pain in his esophagus and so he didn't. He just sat silently in his chair. Then there was a month or two when eating or drinking made him cry out in pain from that chair. But there have been many more months, thankfully, when he felt semi OK and he made the most of his time by engaging our kids in conversations as they passed by his chair. Beautiful, helpful times, when he spoke into their lives. He helped Joy figure out what it was she wanted to do after graduation. He helped Zac with proposal plans and the wedding venue search. He and Andrew talk Bible or guitars constantly. And he has theological discussions late into the night with Nate when he is home or by phone.
Just today, the homeschooling mom in me had to remind him
that the kids have schoolwork to do. LOL
And he ignored me. ; )

After all we've been through, we know that this was a special time and season we lived through together.

And tomorrow begins a new season in this ongoing recovery process,
 but it is one that does not include his chair. : )

In awe of God's goodness,

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