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July 25, 2013

The weekend

Once a year, I'm blessed to get to work for one of my favorite math curriculum companies at a local homeschooling convention with my sweet daughter. We spent Friday finishing up the convention and at one point, I had a very odd conversation with someone who looked a lot like Kip from Napoleon Dynamite. He wanted to know if the curriculum was in a PDF file, because they wanted to rework it so that it wouldn't be based on the decimal system. He plans to teach his children another system. Interesting!
 -Pretty sure I'm not smart enough to understand some other system not based on decimals thankyouverymuch. ; )
Then we headed home for family game night, which included pizza, nachos, ice-cream and a game new to us, Farkle, which is so much fun. Of course, with a name like that, the jokes never ceased.

Saturday, we headed to the beach. Even though it was cloudy and rainy at our house, it was gloriously sunny and beautiful at the beach. We had one of our newby drivers do the driving. My fabulously wonderful husband took over as the Drivers Ed teacher, while I sat in the back seat with my eyes closed and my headphones on. LOL -My strategy for a stress-free ride! 
We had some car troubles that 3 quarts of oil solved (crazy story!) and were late getting there to meet our friends who went across the street to a restaurant and ate an alligator appetizer while waiting for us. How very Floridian! (speaking of which, we saw a dead alligator on the freeway today!) The beach was lovely and the water was warm and I wanted to stay forever, but 2 hours is my not-so-beach-loving hubby's limit and Slurpees were calling our names. There was an Aston Martin  at 7/11

 which the driver said cost $240,000.00!
Spending that much on a car was almost harder to comprehend than a math system not based on decimals. LOL!
 It is a good thing the baby with the smart phone and the ebay app bought an old Austin Healey and not one of these!!! What a crazy story! : )

So very glad that my hubby is up and around now after his knee injury!

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