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July 5, 2013

It was a Happy Fourth!

 We did Dennis Prager's Fourth of July Declaration again and it was very meaningful. We highly recommend it as a way to remember what made the founding of America so special and why we celebrate it. 
(and it only takes 10 minutes) My hubby did a really great job leading it.
The ceremony is the reason for tiny plates on the table

When it was REALLY time to eat, we used much bigger plates and loaded (and reloaded) them  up.
Then the thirteen of us crowded around the living room to play Pictionary which was a lot of fun. Thankfully the Internet has a Pictionary Word Generator! (who knew?) Awesome! -Otherwise we would have had to pick our own words and they probably would have all been references to the Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. LOL

The photographer (me) was also the score keeper, timer and sometimes official eraser of the white board, so I didn't get many good pictures.

We also played a trivia card game called "Beat the Parents." (the kids got a big kick out of the title) The adults were almost stumped when trying to name the Seven Dwarfs. We also had no idea who Dora the Explorer's pet monkey is or what land Mario Brother's takes place in. Props to Zac who knew that a bunch of crows are called a 'murder.' (I forgot a bunch of ants are called a 'colony') Hubby and I did rock "What was Thomas Edison's middle name?' -Thanks to homeschooling! ; ) Somewhere during the middle of the game, we decided the 'kids' had to get asked the parents questions too, but the 'kids' team still won. ('kids' as in those ages 14 to 20) Any team doing a trivia game that doesn't have Joel on it, is in trouble before they even start. : ) 

Then we were off to the airport to watch fireworks from the top floor of the parking garage. Here's a random picture of how tall it is. Great place for viewing firework shows all over the city.
It was a little rainy and windy up there, and I don't remember ever being cold on the 4th of July before, but it was fun. Great view.

In the midst of all the preparations and the actual fun of the evening, my hubby and I were mindful of the fact that this was the last holiday we'd most likely be spending with some of these dear friends (who are moving next month) and the last holiday with Nathan, probably for awhile. Bittersweet but special.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your hoilday weekend. I think I'm going to rest for the rest of it. ; )

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