"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

July 30, 2013

Painting, preparing and partying

This week is a busy one.
It is our turn for care-giving for my hubby's brother for the next 3 months and he flies in on Saturday. We are moving furniture and making Joy's bedroom into his room and the family room into her bedroom again.

I decided to add to the work by painting our homeschooling area to get us ready for the new school year (only two students left!) which led to painting the whole family room...
Funny how that always is the case. But really it needs to be a lighter color because we have to string huge curtains across it to make a 'wall' so it can be a 'bedroom'. It was just too dark and cave-like. (oh the joys of a small house) The paint was leftover from our living room. Gotta love FREE!

We are giving a big going away party this week for the kids of my BFF's family and for Nathan because they are all moving to CA in a couple weeks. Whenever I think about that I pretty much always cry. : (  But I am super proud of Nathan and excited about his new life in CA, going to school and working in youth ministry!

We've been experimenting with an 'unpoppable bubble' recipe to bring to the party and planning some other games. My kids have assured me that bubbles that don't pop will be a hit even with teenagers. -So we went from being covered in paint to sticky with corn syrup!

Our oldest found out he was nominated by his store manager as 'Associate of the District' for the quarter! Yay! -I don't know how many stores are in the district but one store can have 25-30 baristas. (there were only 4 nominees) Way to go Zac!

Now back to painting!

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