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July 19, 2013

The 'dirt' starts to work

Hubby and I both started taking diatomaceous earth last week. See here.
The achy feeling of the toxins 'leaving your body' combined with the two pulled muscles I had from working out, left me feeling like a 90 year old woman all week. Not fun.
But I did notice that it is already working some of its magic on my hubby's skin!
His face looks so soft and glowing! (not his desired results, by any means!) ; )
It is possible that I could have imagined it because I know about DE's benefits,
BUT then he called me from work today to say that
two carpenters at his job sight noticed and commented on his skin.
How weird is that?! Since when do guys notice other guy's skin?
 -Of course, he says he'd rather look like he's 90 years old than have this lingering pain in his knee... Hopefully, DE will start to help his joints soon. In the meantime, great skin is being wasted on the wrong person and I'm jealous! LOL


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