"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

March 31, 2013

Resurrection weekend and all the fun

Friday we went to a beautiful Good Friday service at church where we read the account of the crucifixion  in the gospels and sang hymns about the cross. Loved it!
-So thankful for that Friday long ago when Jesus chose to die on a cross for all of mankind for all time. And REALLY thankful for Sunday when he ROSE from the dead!

Afterwards, we had friends over for homemade pressed Cuban sandwiches. After that we hit the strawberry fields for the opening day of the u-pick season. Yahoo! My BFF said "Becky has 4 slaves and I only have two." LOL! My 'slaves' and I brought home 21 quarts! Smoothie heaven! But tonight strawberry milkshakes are on the menu for dessert.

Yesterday Joy had her first softball game and it was pretty exciting. She hit a home run !!! And she also got a  double, later in the game. Whoo-hoo!
 Then she and I decided to spent the rest of the day being crafty. We are making 'nerdy chic book clutches' but we think maybe they need a better title. lol
First we had to cover the books we chose with fabric. That was fun until I almost ruined our coffee table spilling modge podge all over it. -not fun!
Then we had to hollow out the books.
Who knew that hollowing out books would take forever.

We are still working on them. I'll post a picture when we finish.

I'm a huge fan of banners garlands and I'm always finding a reason to make one. I found this site and it made my whole day! Talk about making it easy on a banner-addict and such cute letters too!
Free printable alphabet banners!
I made her LOVE banner with twine and clothes pins and it turned out really cute.

Zac keeps us supplied with free coffee and tea from Starbucks, which is a fun blessing. I LOVE the Tazo Passion Tea!!! I kept wondering what I should do with all the tea tins and found a fun idea on Pinterest to start a kitchen herb garden in them. I think the green thumb gene skipped a generation in my case. : ) But we'll see how it goes. Maybe they will be full of cute sprouting herbs in the near future.

 I bought this Easter Lily for Zac's girlfriend's family who had us over for Easter dinner.

 Here is our traditional Easter morning picture, minus Andrew, spent the night with his friend.

 So I had to I catch a picture of him later, with Joy in the van.
That's all we've been up to. Hope you all had a Happy Easter!


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