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March 19, 2013

Staycation wrap up

I pretty much succeeded in wearing everyone the plumb out on Monday, lol
so they were glad that Tuesday's surprise itinerary was not as full. : ) It was also raining out so we got off to a slow start.
Fun thing number one was to do a little clothes shopping.
 -Except the boys somehow all bought head phones and not clothes. Hmmm, how did that happen?!
Then we headed off for some miniature golfing and go cart riding. It was about this time that Hubby realized how bad off his back was and that he needed to head home. : (
It was sooo sad. Dad makes the fun happen around here!
We were all gloomy for awhile and then tried to have fun.

 Zac and I were hole in one buddies so we posed for this:

The go carts were closed due to the weather which worked out because the guys didn't want to ride them without Dad anyway. Next on the list was lunch at our favorite pizza place. We got it to go and headed home to spend time with Dad. We rented Life of Pi and Wreck it Ralph (loved that one) and had a quiet evening at home with lots of comfort food like popcorn, nachos and sundaes.

 The last day of the staycation was suppose to start off with segway riding, at the beach,

which we were thankfully able to reschedule until hubby's back is feeling better. Next on the list was indoor surfing.

 This was Joy's third time going there and she's really got the hang of it now. 

The boys decided they aren't big fans of indoor surfing. 

Next, came lunch and gourmet cupcakes! Yum! Then we headed back home to Dad and then off to church.

It was a great 3 days even though it didn't turn out quite like we planned.
We bonded, we made memories and recouped from care-giving. : )

~Hubby missed work for the rest of the week recouping from his back injury and taking trips to the chiropractor. He's doing much better now, PTL! Hoping this isn't the end of his Frisbee golf/bowling career! lol

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