"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

March 3, 2013

Caring giving season coming to a close

We've been caring for my hubby's brother for the past 4 months (he's a stroke patient and has paralysis on his left side) and on Saturday our turn will end and he'll head back to CA to stay with some friends and then some family members for awhile.

Friday we will be packing him up and cleaning. On Saturday morning it will be 'all hands on deck' to help move Joy and all her furniture out of the family room and back into her bedroom. (which is where he stayed) The process of moving her into the family room and making her room into his room, took more than 7 hours. I'm really hoping that the reverse is somehow much faster. We also have to store everything he uses when he's here up into our attic. It will be a big day.
Sunday we will attend church and on Monday, we will start our vacation! Yahoo! -We like to take a 3 day vacation after we get done care giving. We look forward to it the whole time. It is a special time to reconnect and it is a time to process what we've just been through and most of all, to have some FUN together. The kids didn't want to go away this time, so we are trying a 'staycation' and plan to do all kinds of fun things all over our city. (and we think our city has some pretty fun things to do in it) I love that I don't have to pay anyone to dog sit! : ) We are pretty excited and it just happens to also be spring break, which works out perfectly for our college guys.

The one thing that I will ALWAYS remember about this season of care giving will be the difference the prayers of our church family made. Our last turn, was honestly, a very painful time, and I wasn't sure I could ever take another turn again. But then I decided to trust God and try it again and lots of people prayed....
And I'm so happy to say that this time things were much better. God is so faithful!


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