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March 18, 2013

Scenes from the staycation

The staycation turned out to be really terrific and slightly tragic all at the same time. (more on that later)
We definitely made some memories!
 Each morning the kids woke up to breakfast and a surprise itinerary for the day.
I'd bought several Groupons, so the activities were half off. (yay!)

Anyway, Day 1 was our favorite!
We found the best Frisbee golf course ever!

We decided we wanted to use regular Frisbees because Hubby has been playing Frisbee with the kids for YEARS and they find them much easier to throw than the official Frisbee Golf ones. (I'm not good at throwing either kind) ; )

This guy has quite the arm!
The kids got a big kick out of my throws and got lots of pictures of me looking like I believe I can fly. LOL

Oh my! 

Here is the champ and reigning Frisbee king! : )

Loved the hills and the massive trees!

Didn't love the pond...
where Andrew's Frisbee landed.
It was slimy and gross

but that didn't stop Nathan from trying to save Andrew's Frisbee so that he could keep playing with us that day. So close but yet so far. (there was a drop off) 

Then Zac came up with a plan...

and teamwork saved the day! 

Andrew got his Frisbee back and we continued playing! 

I had no idea that we would end up playing for four hours but we did! Then the next stop on the agenda was to a famous strawberry farm for milkshakes. I guess when the Food Network says a place has "the best drinkable dessert" in the U.S. you should expect a line, but we didn't and it looked like it would take an hour and a half to experience any kind of strawberry yumminess  so we changed the plan and headed to lunch.
Then we went to the ice cream stand that is famous in our neighborhood for their milkshakes

No fresh strawberries in them but that was OK because we are big fans of peanut butter and chocolate shakes. ; )

Next up was bowling!

Then we experienced a major fail using a Groupon I'd purchased for our dinner. Oh my word. I did not research this restaurant enough before I bought it. It basically turned out to be a bar and not appropriate for family dining. (I found out later that they have the word L-U-S-T in their phone number!) So, we didn't actually eat there after all. I'm sure that will be a family joke in years to come.

And then we saw
And LOVED it.

And at some point either when he was doing this

or this

My hubby tweaked his back and his staycation fun came to a screeching halt on Tuesday, poor guy!

More tomorrow!

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