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March 25, 2013

Events and yumminess of the weekend

Usually we have a date night on Friday nights, but since Hubby's back is still re-cooperating from going out during the spring break, we stayed in and it turned into a cozy, quiet night for us all with a thunderstorm going on outside. We recently got hooked on the TV show Blue Bloods and bought the first two seasons, (because so far, it is clean and we sure can't say that  about most shows these days, which we always seem to have to turn off)
Saturday, Zac spent 8 hours caffeinating the greater Tampa Bay area ; )
 and Nathan went to his internship at the audio/video electronic repair store. Good news, there! -He's going to start getting paid for everything he fixes. Hooray!
Hubby had a job to do and he hired Andrew to help him out. They had a great time together.
Joy and I were up early for her first softball game but then found out that it was cancelled due to all the rain the night before and we were thrilled and headed back to our beds. : ) (she's been fighting a cold and didn't feel up to playing anyway)
 We had our annual 'House Party' celebration that night, to thank our dear friend Carlos, for all the work he did adding-on to our house in 2005. Joy and I spent the day cooking for the party and I did some decorating using a 'building/construction' theme.
She's been practicing for her internship, this summer at the bakery, and she made these cupcakes for the newly engaged couple:

 Soooo beautiful! We had so much fun that we were hoping someone else we know would get engaged so she could make them again!
Then our "mini Martha" (Stewart) made some eggs that looked like these:

and they were almost too cute to eat! We put them on a bed of alfalfa sprouts for grass and they were just adorable.
It was a fun night of celebrating and giving thanks and of course, lots of eating! We are always amazed when we watch the slide show of the building pictures and see how much work it was. May the Lord, forever bless Carlos!

Sunday we woke up to a plumbing emergency. The wind knocked down a palm branch which hit an exposed PVC pipe in our yard and broke it and water was going everywhere. Bless my dear Hubby's heart, that was not fun to wake up to. He stayed home from church and worked on it and the rest of us left.
Then we spent the rest of the day relaxing and the guys of the family all got together and made a great dinner and did all the cleaning up to thank Joy and I for all the things we did for the party (which of course was all instigated by the best Hubby) : ) So sweet!

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