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October 5, 2012

Political happenings

This is one ironic campaign poster  LOL! We do 'owe' A LOT, Mr. President!
Did you watch the presidential debate on Wednesday night? We did.
I was kind of heart broken that I was not at church because a German woman was speaking to our girls class and telling her story about living in Berlin during the time of Hitler!!! How awesome is that?! -Especially if you just read a biography of Bonhoeffer! I was sooo excited.
But our van started breaking down on the way and we had to turn around. So, I comforted myself with the fact that I was not stuck by the side of the road and that I got to watch the whole debate! (Yay! Romney!)
If Joy did not have a dance class to teach today with 14 girls counting on her, we would be seeing Romney at a rally this very afternoon, a bonus of living in a battleground state.
Our youngest, Andrew, is absolutely positive that he has been on every worthwhile field trip possible and cannot be convinced to go on any more. Not a one. Not even to the science museum where they will be climbing a ropes course 36 feet in the air! Or snorkeling at the beach and then dissecting a shark! -How many kids get to do that in a day? Nope, not going. Which makes me wonder 'Where is my son and what have you done with him?!' ; ) I guess his home educated mom burned him out on field trips.

But we must have started something with this one
when we went to hear John McCain speak!

Nathan, Andrew and Joy
because the ONLY event he wants to go to is a rally for Romney!
There have been 3 in our area, but so far it hasn't worked out...  : (
But here's another bonus to living in a battleground state, we are all going to this:

which he will hopefully enjoy. I know his dad sure is excited!


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