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October 28, 2012

Don't read while eating : )

Apparently, the odds are greater that you will to be killed by a vending machine than by a shark,
or so said the instructor at our shark dissecting field trip the other day.
Yeah, I'm not sure I believe her either, but I plan on using that line the next time we are playing in the water at sunset and my hubby says we need to leave due to sharks. ; ) -Because he's pretty much always ready to leave the beach about 30 minutes after we've arrived. LOL

Here is Joy and the doggy spine shark or spiny dog shark. (or something like that) 

The memorable parts of this day:

-Taking out the eyeballs and having brown goop squirt all over the girls

-Cutting open the sharks stomach to find out what it ate last. It was like a treasure hunt! Joy's group had the best find too. Part of an octopus! Blah!

-Finding out what stage of the reproduction process their shark was in. Because when you are a shark, you are pregnant for 2 years and so, pretty much always pregnant! (there's a reason to be glad we aren't sharks!) 

-The instructor telling us how to clean up and dispose of the shark parts and then saying "OK. It's time for lunch!!!" Double blah!!!

-The feeling that I needed to bathe in hand sanitizer even though I didn't touch a thing but my camera the whole time!

Then we all headed to the beach to catch various creatures in dip nets.
Even though it looks like every creature would high tail it out of there (pun intended) they somehow managed to catch 25 different species! Pretty cool.

Here is the view over the draw bridge as we headed for home

Gotta love homeschooling in Florida!


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