"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

September 18, 2012

All the celebrating

I think I'm officially worn out from all the celebrating! 
Its a good tired though and probably a little sugar-high induced since I've had a total of 3 birthday cakes! lol 
I'm feeling very spoiled this year! 

Here's the party thrown by my BFF for her hubby and I. 

He and I have birthdays which are two days apart and we've been friends all of our lives, so it was really special to celebrate together! 
(ignore those dishes, on which we ate amazing lasagna, I stole this picture from Facebook and can't crop it!)

Then on Saturday, hubby and I went off to the beach for the night to celebrate our anniversary with lots of eating, swimming, beach walking, shopping and more eating. 

On Sunday, when I thought the fun was over, Zac and his girlfriend and Joy surprised me with a Reeses peanut butter cake! (a recipe they found on Pinterest) Oh my mercy! It was amazing.

And tonight, on my real birthday, Joy made the Ronde Barber cake I mentioned here. And it was YUMMM! 

And I feel so loved and so blessed by all the special people in my life

and if any one needs me, 

I'll be on the treadmill! ; )


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