"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

August 28, 2012

A banquet, awards and personality tests

My hubby's company had a seminar and banquet on Friday night. It was held at a beautiful restaurant on the bay.
It brought back some fun memories of a college banquet we attended at the same restaurant back in 1988 when I had poofy 80's bangs and wore a turquoise dress and hubby-then-boyfriend wore a matching turquoise tie. I will spare you that picture and post this one from that night instead.

The families of employees were invited to come early to join in the team building seminar and take the the Myers-Briggs personality test, which we did and wow, was that an eye opening experience. We've done those types of tests before but the results of this one really blew us all away.

My hubby won an award for being the one in the company who most exemplifies "Respect: Treating others with respect and dignity." This is a faith-based company and all the awards are based on character traits.

My BFF and her hubby had a hotel for the night near by, so afterwards we headed there to visit and let all the kids swim in the pool. You know you are blessed when the love you all share for the Bible has you busy talking until midnight about the book of Jude. (such party animals!) LOL

Saturday morning, I woke up with the bug that Nathan had last week. So I spent the morning in bed jotting down the jist of what each of our kids 'results' were in the personality test to help me in parenting them more effectively. They provided me with some immediate entertainment and one of the kids decided not to talk to me anymore that morning. LOL
Here's why:
One child wanted to watch the Hunger Games and I said 'Let's wait until your brother gets home from work since he wants to watch it with us.' And he said 'No! I don't want to wait. Let's do it now.' And I smiled and said 'That is funny, because I just read that your personality type 'does not like to wait.' " And of course, I made him wait. ;)
Then another child came in and said 'I just drank 45 ounces of water and so I won't have a stomach ache today, like I did last night because water is a base that neutralizes an acid." And I had to smile again and say 'I just read that your personality type are scientists.'
Then I read another set of results of one of ours who wants to be either a christian psychologist or an evangelist. It said people with his personality type become psychologists and lean toward going into the ministry! Isn't that something?!

Another fun finding was that out of 16 variations of types my hubby and I have the exact same type except for the fact that he is the extrovert of that type and I'm the introvert of that same type. (no surprise there!) : )

On a serious note, I was just so humbled reading about the qualities that God has instilled in each of our kids and reminded of what a privilege it is to partner with Him during this season of their lives as He prepares them for their destinies.

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