"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

April 27, 2012

Our 4th teenager arrives tomorrow!

Happy Birthday, Andrew! You are my "exceeding joy" and I love you like crazy!
Thanks for making life around here so much fun!
I'm so glad you have the gift of gab like your dad. : ) Whenever you spend the night anywhere, we go through Roo withdrawals because of the silence in the house.Your smile and your jokes light up the place!
Thank you for being SO helpful around here. You seem to always look for ways to make life easier for me and often surprise me with a clean kitchen or living room, then I proclaim that 'You are my favorite child...today" and we laugh. You make some awesome homemade pizza on Wednesday nights, thanks so much!
God's given you many talents, one of which is playing guitar. Remember when you played in our family worship band?-Or actually, you strummed and we kind of hoped you didn't notice that you weren't plugged in. lol  Then Dad taught you everything he knew about guitar and you took off with it. You've been amazing people with how well you play, for your age, for a long time now. (and you give Dad pointers) You've been asked to play in the youth group band recently and we are excited for you.
You have a sweet devotion to your oldest brother that takes many (sometimes dangerous) forms. You used to follow him everywhere and talk his ears off. Now, you try to annoy him like crazy, while he is studying, so that he will chase you around the house and wrestle you to the ground or shoot you with an air soft gun. You both love every minute of it. (you've always liked to live dangerously!)
 You and your sister are still close, at heart but not in size, you passed her up this year. : ) We used to call you guys "Thing One and Thing Two."  You two are the pranksters of the family. (hopefully I am done finding plastic wrap on our toilet seats) lol
I love your heart for Jesus and your passion to be involved in His things. You give us some amazing Bible studies at the dinner table, when it is your turn, and you have an insight way beyond your years.
The way you've cared for you uncle and been his friend these past 5 months of care-giving, has been such a blessing to us. Your heart for people is awesome! The world is blessed that you are in it and we are especially blessed to have you. Happy Birthday!
Love, Mom

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