"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

April 9, 2012

Easter weekend

Thursday I had a lovely day with my hubby, which included riding Segways. (more on that to come)
Then we exercised at the softball field and watched Joy practice! -Hubby says he could never coach a girls softball team because 'they throw like girls' and he was in agony. lol -Except for HIS girl, of course.

Friday, we had a family work day. We fixed some patio furniture, were given a nice round fire pit and raked a bunch of leaves. -Who needs a gym when you can do yard work? : ) Then we went to the park for a family BBQ. We passed the torch (or bunny ears) on to Zac and he did the egg hiding. He decided it was more fun to be the one hiding than finding. Then there was the mandatory family whiffle ball game, which was SO much fun. We came home and lit a fire and ended up making the best s'mores EVER. -I was trying to save a couple bucks and bought Andes Mints for the chocolate. OH YUM! The fam thinks we have now taken s'mores to a 'whole new level.' lol

Saturday, hubby worked and the rest of us were headed to softball when my brother-in-law had a fall outside on the cement. Thankfully he did not hit his head! Nathan had to lift him up, thank the Lord for young backs. He couldn't be talked into resting. -He looks forward to Joy's softball games all week, so off we went. I'm happy to say that her hitting slump is over! She got a hit every time and one even went out into right field.The kids made a black and white video with their friends using all those vintage clothes from our family photo. -Some kind of murder mystery. Super cute. We built another fire and had more Andes mint s'mores to finish up the night.

Sunday's worship service was awesome! -So many people came up to give their lives to Christ, it was beyond awesome. I made an Easter dinner full of yummy (but easy) dishes and then we headed to the beach. Brought along my brother-in-law, which presents a big challenge at the beach, but you could tell he had his heart set on coming. It was chilly and windy and the water was still cold. We didn't stay long much to hubby's delight. lol  Then we headed home for a movie and peanut butter pie.

Sure do LOVE my peeps! -And I don't mean the marshmallow variety! : )


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