"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

October 14, 2010

Weekend excitment

There is a youth retreat this weekend!!! whoo-hoo!
All my guys are attending. (including my hubby who is one of the adult leaders) It is going to be a really powerful weekend and all the youth leaders attending have been fasting for the past four days and praying. How awesome is that?! Cant wait to hear about what God does and about the changed lives when everyone gets back.

We also have some of our best friends visiting this weekend, (hooray!)
so it has been one exciting time. Today, we have been hunting down sleeping bags and backpacks, doing laundry, packing and even headed to the mall and Wal*Mart for last minute things. I think all these kids are all finally ready to go. We even fit in some school. Glory, glory!

Once 5:00 comes, Joy and my BFF and I will probably not know what to do with ourselves, it will be so quiet around here. It will be a fun girly weekend, all except for one male who is one his way over now.
MAX !!!

He's coming back to stay with us while his owners are at the retreat.
The grass, crock pot and speaker cable, weren't safe last time he was here but that's OK. He really is too lovable to mind.
Well, the mom taxi needs to start making more rounds!
Have a blessed weekend!

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