"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

October 22, 2010

Oh rats!

I so wish the above title were not an actual fact around here.
There is actually a rat living under our oven! UGH! And apparantly it is a pack rat!
And it is really packs!!!!!! yewww!

It has 'packed' dog food, (left over from Max's visit)
a flaming Cheeto, (Nate's favorite snack food)
a roach bait trap,
a new dish cloth
and a paper airplane. (Andrew has been perfecting his design the last couple of days)
Can you believe how weird that is?!

It is also unaffected by rat poison and just walks right by it.

So, it was off to the Home Depot for me today for a rat trap.
I got in on a rat trap setting lesson being given by an employee, what luck!
(although I had no intention of setting it because Zac is getting paid to do that!) ; )
The other customer and I shared rat stories and wished each other luck...

Setting the trap made us all think about what we will do IF and LORD WILLING, we actually catch it.... Because what if my hubby isn't home when it happens?
As I was thinking of how much I would need to pay someone to dispose of a dead rat with a broken neck (EWWWWW!!!) I found I had two boys begging me to be the one to dispose of it for FREE no less!!! Wow!
How funny! I love boys!


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