"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

October 9, 2010

OK time for a post

...despite the fact that I'm not happy with the blog's look at the moment it is time to get back to blogging! : )

Yesterday the youth group had a Mud Bowl. That is football played on land that has had 6000 gallons of water poured on it. Lots of mud and gooey fun!

Here is Joy and her team the Fig Newtons! Happy and muddy!

All the youth leaders were suppose to play so I'd been praying against injuries for those of us in the 40 + yrs. old crowd just in case. ; ) As it turned out, there were so many teens on the teams, that some of us adult leaders weren't needed to play. (God is good, People!) lol!

Joy and I have been knitting like crazy. We are teaching a class for moms and daughters in our home school group. It is tons of fun. We are going to make lots of sweater hats for the homeless this winter and at the moment, we are knitting 50 hats for missionaries in South Dakota who are going to do a Christmas outreach.
And so far, this is what we have:

We are dog sitting a small horse, I mean -German Shepherd! lol
And he is beyond HUGE but sweet as can be! Gorgeous dog. Good thing we are dog people. I was really surprised that he jumps on the furniture, on our beds and in the bath tub like he owns the place. Ahh! Max is crazy-hyper! He totally looks like he would tear you apart, but he has the sweetest disposition and he's been a lot of fun to have around. I think my hubby wants a German Shepherd now...

The weather here has been beyond gorgeous. Florida's weather in October can't be beat. : )
It has been so nice to play tennis in the morning and enjoy cool breezes instead of sweating buckets! Nathan and I are improving! The other day, we had the most amazing games. Imagine actually getting every crazy backhand hit you tried for AND hitting them in! That happened to both of us! It was some amazing tennis. Whoo-hoo! So much fun and so exhausting that I thought I might pass out. LOL!

After church we attended the wedding reception for a woman who was in the youth group we led back when she was only 12! It was great to rejoice with her today. Boy, does time fly!

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