"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

October 30, 2010

A new season for old friends

Every couple of months it seems like I've been blessed to see my best friend lately...

Well, I'm about to have the immense blessing of having her live in the same state and almost the same county and I can hardly believe it.

We've been praying for God to direct them in this next season of their lives and although we've often hoped they would end up here, it has never worked out. But this time the Lord has sent them our way and as I said, I can hardly believe it.

But, it is true and she will be here soon after driving all the way across the country. (her hubby will follow in about a month)

She's had a few delays and my kids are about to drive me crazy if they don't see hers in the next hour or so, because they've been hoping to see for the last 24 hrs. Thankfully, my hubby has loaded them up and taken them out for slurpees. I guess this makes the kids and I even, because I've driven THEM crazy with all the cleaning, since she and her kids are staying here while they relocate. I can't offer them a big spacious house, at least I can offer a cozy, CLEAN one, right?

Can't wait to see what great things the Lord has in store for these precious servants of the Lord. And for the first time, my hubby and I will have a close up view! : ) Hooray!


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