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March 22, 2010

Frisbee golf in Florida

My hubby and our kids have often played Frisbee golf at the park,
making their own course as they go
but someone recently told my hubby that real Frisbee golf courses exist!
So, I went surfing the Internet and found out that it is actually called "disk golf." (and it looks serious!) And I found a course near us!
It cost $6.42 a person. Did you catch that? Not $6.40 or $6.45...go figure. : )
The owner told us that your Frisbee throwing skills don't really matter at all because this is so different. Have I mentioned that my hubby has some mad-skillz when it comes to Frisbee. : )
Our kids are really good at it too. Since I barely have any Frisbee throwing skills period, I opted to be the score keeper and read the map except that I am map-challenged too and so that might not have been the best idea...lol but I only got us off course twice!
The disks are smaller than a normal Frisbee and a little heavier. Since we don't happen to own 5 Frisbees, we also rented some of their disks.
It was an absolutely GORGEOUS day to be outside. It was in the high 70's!
Directions with Dad:

Here is what you are aiming at:
Here is what you are avoiding
because a new disk cost $5.00. This pond didn't have an alligator but the larger one did.
I thought this basket was far away. Ha! -I had them throwing at the wrong one! They were always much farther away than this and sometimes had trees in the way:

Nathan and Dad:
Joy, Nathan and Zac:
Up close:
And the winner was Andrew!
Let's hear it for the youngest!!! Whoo-hoo!


Becky said...

We built our home in Florida on an 18 hold disc golf course which my son played all the time. Nearly ever day. He actually traveled to competitions and won trophies.

You should look closer at your parks and red and see if you can't find a free course. Ours was free, and actually, the only one I have ever heard of that cost was one that was $1.00 per person in our county.

Do some research and you might be able to enjoy it more often. It really is fun and it doesn't matter how good you are because you just have a higher score.

Lloyd said...

I came across your blog while surfing. I really enjoyed reading your posts...they are so positive. God bless, Lloyd

Becky said...

Thanks Lloyd, that blessed me!

Yes, Becky! I read about some of those free courses! Have to try those next!