"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

March 13, 2010

The bad news and the very, very good news!

My hubby left for Denver on Friday evening to go and see his brother.

(He is only 49 and had a massive stroke while skiing)

His flight got cancelled after they sat on the plane on the runway for 3 hours due to problems with the plane. I guess we are glad they found out about those before they took off. Amen?

He was put up in a hotel and given meal vouchers...and a had very long night waiting in line after line for re-booking, hotel, shuttle etc...

Saturday he was booked on the last seat on a flight out to Denver that night...

Snow ended up delaying the incoming plane by an hour...which he said caused a mini riot with those who had been waiting SO long.

Then at 11:30 at night, with 3 policemen present, they announced that because of problems with the hydraulic system, this flight was now cancelled.

My sweet, exhausted hubby waited in various more lines for two more hours...and was put up in another hotel for the night.

Whenever we talked, he would say that if he only had 5 minutes to spend with his brother after all this, it would be totally worth it. : )

I'm happy to say that he FINALLY reached Denver on Sunday evening!
Even if it was 48 hrs after he left FL! They found a flight for him on a non-stop which they thought was already full!!! The attendant thought it must have been 'karma' but we know better! : )

So, we are asking God to bless every minute of his visit and to make him a blessing to his brother by doing whatever he can to help.
And tomorrow he flies home. We are hoping that getting home is much easier than getting to Denver was, for goodness sake....

The kids are missing Dad (who they say is the 'fun parent' lol)
and have successfully talked me into making them fettuccine alfredo tonight. (because somehow that helps?!) They mentioned that they might be 'staging a coup' otherwise. Ba ha ha ha.
They are pretty funny. : )

And there is good news! -The surgeon said that in a few months my brother-in-law will be home and functioning. Whoo-hoo!!!!!! PTL!



Anonymous said...

The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord.
Praise the Lord for speeding him up and slowing him down.
We may never know this side of heaven what the Lord protected us from.
That is a blessing.
I prayed for your brother in law tonight.
God Bless.
@Buttons and Bows

Yvonne said...

Amen to what Rebecca said! So glad your BIL is healing well!!

Becky said...

Yes, thanks Rebecca! Such a good reminder! My hubby did have a chance to share his testimony with a couple people while he was stuck. : ) PTL!