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March 6, 2010

Forever and a day

...is about how long it takes me to text!

-Just ask my kids.

Last night, when I needed to find my boys in the Barnes and Noble, I decided it was just about quicker to look around the store then for me to text 'Where r u?' lol

(and let me just say that 'r' and 'u' are about the extent of my texting lingo, if you don't count lol)

I have a Tracfone, so it is not like I do much calling or texting anyway. My kids tell me all the time how 'lame' my phone is, but it is cheap and it works for me... (cheap is always for me!)

I remember being in the Arby's this summer and sending my first text to someone. My hubby read it and assured me that it was going to be the longest one that person had ever received.

Just last night when I had to send one, I stopped in front of an interesting looking display to text, because as I told the kids, they were going to be standing there for awhile.

We happened to see some cute mugs that had texting lingo on them and I learned a new phrase which I decided to send in a text to one of my kids...
which resulted in completely confusing them and making them think that someone had taken my phone! lol (except of course, who would steal a Tracfone?!)

So, I guess I will just stick to my detailed, time consuming, lengthy ones after all.
They will always know those are really from Mom! : )


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Janaica said...

I have a confession. Know how long I wondered what LOL meant before I got the nerve to actually ask? But I'm a grandma, what would I know about all this text jargon? Confession number two. I've only ever sent one text. And I confess I'm cheap too, though I prefer to call it frugal. I got Net10 because you get 300 free minutes with the first two months of service (: