"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

April 20, 2009

This week...

Joy and I had fun at our Hats of Hope group yesterday. Such a sweet bunch of girls and ladies! We now have 31 sweater hats ready to send to a missionary in Zambia who ministers in a woman's prison. Whoo-hoo!

A certain somebody in the family who has NOT been wearing his glasses like he should for a very long time.... got contacts today and is very happy. Life is looking a lot brighter and clearer now (LOL) and he's lovin' the view. (funny how that works!)

~Speaking of which, I seem to need my glasses to read more often than I used to. Uh oh! Must be that almost 40-thing. ; )

It is Nathan's turn to quote a chapter in Mark for our congregation on Wednesday night at church. He's doing chapter 11.

Zachary is in a human video for the Fine Arts competition this weekend. This is the first time one of our kids have been involved in it. I can't wait to go! It will be so much fun watching ALL THOSE teens using their God given gifts. PTL

Andrew and the worship band that he is in, is playing their first song in Kid's church on Sunday!
(Holy is the Lord) They have been practicing for some time now. Its been great for Andrew, who is a beginner on the guitar. He's improved by leaps and bounds.
He uses every spare second of his day to play guitar. -My hubby who plays guitar, absolutely loves this and they play together whenever they get a chance.
You can often hear me saying "Andrew, you have to do something besides guitar! -Like school for instance." : )
~Even having an upset stomach didn't keep him from playing recently. He would play guitar, go ummm, throw up and then play guitar again.... Pretty amazing!

I just love my LOUD house full of musicians!

Well, I'm off to do dishes....
Have a great week!


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