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April 22, 2009

This book promises that after reading it you will....

be able to list all the presidents in order and know them for the rest of your life! Wow!
Well, I had my doubts....
But, guess what? It works! By the end of the book, I could ask our kids who was the 10th president or who was the 17th or the 35th and they got them all right! Whoo-hoo! -I wasn't too concerned about them knowing which president was which number but I was thrilled that they could name the first 20 in order right away...and just about do all the rest too.

Yo, Millard Fillmore! (And all those other Presidents you don't know) is the name of this fun book. If you are studying the presidents, give it a try! You'll love the results!

It uses the mnemonic principle of association just like vocabulary cartoons, which are awesome!
There is a cartoon for each picture which goes with a continuous story throughout the book that helps with remembering each president's last name and the order they go in.
The book didn't include George W. Bush and Barack Obama so the kids thought of a fun way to add them to the story.... "The Clean Ten (Clinton) went to Bush Gardens (Bush) and a bomb (Obama) went off. (we didn't draw any cartoons though) : )

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