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October 7, 2008

Boat Ride and a Blonde Moment

What do you call a major 'blonde moment' when you are a brunette? I could use an explanation of some kind for what I said the other day! ; ) Let me know if you think of one. LOL

-We were on a field trip with a friend and her kids downtown for a one hour boat ride. All that we knew was that the first ride of the day was free and that the boat held 45 people... We were pretty excited because it sounded fun and we love FREE!

As we walked down some stairs to the dock, the only 'boat' I saw was this one:

And I said "Wow! We get to ride on the American Victory!?" in awe and amazement.

At that moment my poor boys were horrified. : )
"Mom!!!!!!" "That's a battleship!"
"How can you think we are going for a ride around the bay in a battleship?!"

I did get a clue as we walked closer to it.
Our boat was the small, sleek looking one in the water next to it. LOL!
-No, we definitely didn't end up riding around the bay in a 58 year old battleship....
But it was fun to look at.
And my boys had a good laugh with their Dad over this at dinner that night!



bensrib said...

Hi Becky, Thanks for visiting my blog. Part two of the learning disability is coming tomorrow. Part three is still being lived out. :)

Susan said...

Too funny. I probably would have said the same thing.