"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

October 22, 2008

A Birthday Girl!

It's Honey's birthday!!!!!!!

She is 10 yrs. old now! And we are so thankful for her!
Years ago we tried getting a puppy .......and ended up selling it. To make our little kiddos feel better, we used the proceeds of the sale to take them to an amusement park! Puppy training was just not for me in the middle of child training.

When the gang got a little older, we started dog sitting 2 weeks out of every month for a couple who ministered the gospel in countries all around the world.

And this dog of theirs had issues! Oh mercy!
-It used to dig holes in our yard.
-Chase cars going down the street and try to bite the tires.
-Hide in my closet during every thunderstorm
and hold us hostage every time we tried to go anywhere by planting herself under our car so that we couldn't move it. If you tried to get her out from under the car, you'd just about lose a hand. She made me late everywhere I went! AHH! Good times! LOL!
~But we loved this dear couple and their ministry and so we kept "dog sitting for Jesus."

Then the Lord blessed us with the perfect dog for us.

We personally think we "reaped" the perfect one because we "sowed" into the crazy one. : )
("for whatever a man sows that will he also reap." ) LOL!

-A friend with three golden retrievers offered us one of theirs for FREE. She was four years old, had papers, was house trained and very good with kids. Amazing!!! The only thing wrong with her they said was that she seemed to need to be in a one-dog house because she needed lots of attention. We knew our four kiddos could give her PLENTY of attention! And so we said 'Yes! and that is how we got HONEY.
What a sweet dog! The first time my hubby brought her home, the kids thought it was the other dog and they all groaned. When they realized it wasn't and that she was THEIRS they were so excited. She ran all over our yard and then lightly jumped on each one of us as if she wanted to look us in the eyes. She was so graceful about it that we didn't mind. And she didn't do it to Andrew who was only 3. That jumping turned out to be her unbreakable bad habit, but since she is "practically perfect in every way" we haven't stressed too much over it. Besides that, she came with such lovely manners. We were all so impressed.
We've let her run the show since then and now her manners aren't so impeccable. : )

She has loved being the one and only dog at this house and we have loved having her.

Honey is a character though. She believes in retaliation....
Very specific retaliation. On three or four occasions I offended/disappointed her and soon after found that she had chewed the handle of my current purse in half and didn't touch a thing that belonged to anyone else in this family. She's funny like that.
When she was new to us, and thought that my hubby was gone too long, she snipped his cell phone charger cord in half.
Another time Zach corrected her for something one morning and we came back in the afternoon to find that the cord to his drum machine had been cut in half.
She also isn't fond of VBS week. Since we spend a lot of time away from home that week, she let us know that by going in the laundry and ripping up only VBS t-shirts. It was the only time she'd ever done anything to any of our clothing...
She's pretty smart like that!
But, I think old age is mellowing her out. I don't think anything has been snipped or ripped in a couple of years... either that or she's got us trained pretty well. ; )

She is a total sweetheart and we are so thankful to have "reaped" her! : )

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Toni said...

Happy belated birthday, girl!

Our "baby", our chocolate lab who died several years ago, was also practically perfect in every way but for her jumping habit. She not only would jump on others (more like stand up on, putting her paws on their chest), but she would jump on all fours to look out the face height windows of our front door when the door bell rang. It usually frightened whomever stood at the door (which was funny to us because she never ever hurt a flea).