"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

August 1, 2008


We are praising the Lord for His faithfulness last night. (see post called Something Exciting)
Despite all the quirky things that happened it will be a sweet memory in all are minds in years to come.

One thing that is kind of funny now, is that all we knew was that we were asked to do the praise and worship for the youth who were having a 'back to school' night and that they wanted Nathan to quote a chapter.
Well, after the 3rd adult man came in the room in a suit, I started wondering where the teens were and what this event really was.
My idea of a back to school night is teens, food, (teens and food always go together)
worship and a sermon on being a witness in our schools and living our faith.

Once we figured out we were very under dressed we realized it wasn't quite what we pictured but it was a fantastic night.
It turned out to be a celebration service for a ministry that just finished up teaching a math and science summer course to inner city youth. The kids did some performances and received certificates, teachers were honored etc... They also had a guest speaker who is a millionaire and owner of 9 McDonald's give an inspiring message to the kids on having a 'millionaire mentality' and following God's principles to be successful in life. It was really neat.

My hubby did a fabulous job leading worship. (Joy had been sick for the last couple days and was too 'stuffy' to sing, so it was just the guys.) I haven't seen him lead worship since we've been at our present church. (6 yrs. or so) It was beautiful. The highlight was when everyone joined in singing "How Great is our God" together. (that was the only one they knew the words to so next time we'll need to bring song sheets) They asked Zach to accompany their youth choir on the spot, and he played like he'd been practicing with them for weeks. Amazing. The other highlight for our drummer was when everyone started clapping along to his snare drum.

~These guys may only know 4 songs but they sure know them well!
It was quite a night! Praise the Lord!


Jamie said...

Sounds like an awesome memory!! What a great fam you have!!

The Butterfly Catcher said...

I am so proud of you and your guys! I can see great things in store for you all to do for the Lord!