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August 23, 2008

What's up!

We rented a really cute movie the other night! It was really sweet and funny.
My hubby and I got a kick out of seeing Donny Osmond... When I was a kid, I had the
Donny and Marie Barb*e dolls and I gave Marie a very unflattering haircut. ; )

The Olympics were SO much fun to watch!!!! I'll miss them but I think I've had my fill.... We stayed up way too late on more than one occasion because they were so exciting!

Big news!
We measured....
And Joy and I are exactly the same height! Amazing! My THIRD BORN is as tall as I am.
My hubby often says "You're short, Babe." : )

A family at church blessed my hubby with a gift card to the Cheesecake Factory to thank him for all he does for little boys in his Wednesday night class. It was so sweet!
It has taken us over a month to actually have time to go. We ABSOLUTELY LOVED it. Oh my goodness! -I think we ate 10 lbs of food and brought home with 5 more lbs. of leftovers! It was a nice evening.

We are getting all excited about our trip to California!
We are going to tour the Jelly Belly Factory! Doesn't that sound like fun !?! We'll learn how they are made and try lots of free samples! Yum!

We are going to hike in the mountains and we are excited about going to take a boat ride under this:

and past Alcatraz. And being the big fan I am of chocolate, I want to go here:

We are also planning on going to the Cable Car Museum.

We'll be celebrating my brother-in-law's birthday while we are there, with a Napoleon Dynamite birthday party. ; ) Which will be too funny! The nephews are doing surgery on a unicorn pinata to make it Tina the Llama!!! They said they are serving 'tots and quesadillas' for appetizers! LOL! Aren't they creative?!



Jamie said...

Lots of great stuff to share!! I am glad that your Hubby keeps it real for ya, by reminding you of your stature!! Those places look like Yummy FUN!! And Napoleon Party sounds like a blast!! Have sooo much fun!!

Susan said...

Wow you all have been busy. I haven't been around to read blogs lately and I am really missing it. I will check in more often. Have fun in Cali.

Joyfull said...

Thanks for the tip on a goo d movie, we are always on the look out for one! Donnie and Marie - I had the dolls also!! Great memories. Have a great trip.

Toni said...

No way! You do know I lived in San Fran and vacationed there last year in October, right? It's SUCH a fun city. Here's my entry from last year (with lots of photos).

Now, I must insist that you consider taking the much lesser known drive (and much GREATER view of the bridge and bay) while there. I make a brief reference to it in my blog entry, but basically you cross the Golden Gate and get off at Conzelman Rd (it's right there, just past the public observation point). Conzelman Rd will take you up in the hills to the left (west) of the bridge. You can park all along the hills for INCREDIBLE shots of the bridge and bay.

But here's the best part. If you continue driving along the cliffs on Conzelman Rd, it eventually turns into a one lane road (looks slightly treacherous where it first becomes the single lane, but it's not). If you will take this single lane drive, I ASSURE YOU...it's the absolute best view of the bay and coastline to be had and hardly anyone knows about it. Plus, there are historical army ruins to be explored back there as well.

Muir Woods (CA redwoods) is only 12 miles due north across the bridge as well. Sooo worth the short drive over to see them.