"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

August 11, 2008


We are going to California on vacation -again! And we are just amazed!

We went last year because the Lord did this awesome vacation miracle! ~Our kiddos were missing my parents and wishing we could go to southern California to see them because they weren't going to be able to come and see us. So, the kids and I prayed about it together.
And in the back of my mind I was thinking, there is no way that 6 plane tickets are in our budget...But the Lord didn't need my budget to answer their prayer! Hallelujah! Gotta love that!
Two days later our friend from TX who works for an airline, emailed us out of the blue and said he wanted to give us 6 stand-by tickets. It was incredible! Isn't the Lord amazing?!
And we had the best vacation ever!!! (see California trip posts on side bar)

A few months ago my hubby's brother called and invited us to come and spend a week at their house in northern California. And the invitation came complete with plane tickets!
How sweet and generous is that?! So, we are all excited about that and its coming up faster than we can believe!
The boy cousins will be camping out for the week in the back yard.
(Joy might be glad to be the only girl and sleep indoors...ha ha) We'll spend lots of time swimming in their pool and in the lake and playing instruments together. (we won't have to think twice about alligators either!) : )

They also invited our dear friend Carlos because they consider him 'family' too. He's also the life of any party! My hubby's oldest brother is flying out also and so it will be like a family reunion.

We are taking a red-eye flight home so that we can have one full day in San Fransisco to see the sights. Should be fun! (except that I don't like seafood or Chinese food!) : )

Due to this fun event we've kicked our school year off with a unit on California history!
Speaking of school....gotta run!


Sniz said...

Oh man, what an inspiring story! That is so, so wonderful! I know you'll have a great time!

BTW, did you start school already? We start tomorrow. Lots of prayers needed! :-)

Take care! Sniz

Jamie said...

Hope you guys have a blast!! I know you will!!