"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

August 4, 2008

Summer highlights

Our fun summer is coming to an end...
Lazy summer life as we know it is about to change on Monday!
It will be
quite a change
since we've been staying up really late, getting up late, watching movies, doing puzzles, playing Scrabble and just goofing off.

The summer started out with a stay at the beach with our dear friends from Texas and then
all of our weekends were devoted to Teen Bible Quiz fund raisers!
The next thing was the big trip to Wisconsin for Nationals which turned out to be awesome!
After that, things slowed down a bit until we had the crazy but fun week of VBS. And then this past Saturday night we enjoyed having the Teen Bible quizzers and their parents over for a BBQ/game night and a time to honor their coach.

I think it will be a fun year of fellowship. We have a great home schoool group and I'm excited about serving as treasurer. My hubby and I are also going to be the teen coordinators this year. Its been fun to plan the field trips and activities the teens will do and a little daunting learning the Excel program for the record keeping.

Zach spent his summer doing Algebra I. (because the guy has goals!) : ) He's also been running a mile 3 times a week in 5 minutes and some amazing seconds. -Its for the Physical Fitness merit which is the last Royal Ranger merit that he needs to earn. He's on his way to getting the Gold Medal of Achievement which is similar to being an Eagle Scout! Nathan is working on memorizing the book of Mark for TBQ. Joy has been doing puzzles and she and I have been baking fresh fruit cobblers whenever we get a chance. Yum! Andrew is dad's little buddy and they've been working around the house on weekends. He can usually be found following Zach around. : ) (adoring little brothers are pretty cute)

Our newest adventure in homeschooling begins next week...
I'm looking forward to that more disciplined way of life.
It provides for lots of family interaction, some trials and FUN.


Jamie said...

Sounds like a great summer!! It will be hard to say goodbye!!

You are a great treasurer and EXCEL is not match for YOU!!! You are gonna conquer!!

Susan said...

We have one more week before we start our schooling, but I am also looking forward to the structured way of life again. Have a great first Monday.

Amanda said...

Hi Becky! Your "check problems" pal here! :):):) I LOVE your favorite quotes on the left side margin! I felt so encouraged just reading them. I enjoyed your posts too. It is always so encouraging to hear blips of what life for other homeschoolers is like! Blessings into your new year!