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December 29, 2016

The less crowded Christmas

This year we decided to spread out some of the fun. Instead of cramming it all into two days, we gave ourselves three! And it was just perfect that way!

This year we decided to attend our church's Christmas Eve service on Christmas Eve-Eve. : )
And we loved it. Attending on this night meant that we didn't have to fight the crowds. Not that we fight. LOL ; )

Our church always does a beautiful job with this service. It is always so meaningful. -And Andrew played the bass in the band. So proud of him for serving. It was a huge commitment.
Afterwards we went out to dinner to celebrate.

On the real Christmas Eve we did our traditional dinner, in which the guys in the family make filet mignon for all. I always make wedge salads and fettuccine to go along with those. I'm not sure why I chose the salad over people for a picture. LOL

After Andrew had played his last service that night, and Nathan practically dragged him off the stage and rushed him home, we ate. Then instead of seeing a movie on Christmas Day like we usually do, we decided to see it on Christmas Eve. Again, no crowds!  We rushed to the theater not knowing that we would only share it with one other family. (maybe that was because it was almost ten o'clock by then!)
 We saw La La Land and absolutely loved it! What made it more fun were the scenes shot at Griffith Observatory in LA, which we have all been to on our visits out there. And who doesn't love a musical when you are in the Christmas mood. See it! It is sweet!

When it was over, it was officially Christmas! : )

Since Christmas was on a Sunday, there was no sleeping in for this sleepy crowd. It was the first time I ever had to wake up our youngest on a Christmas morning. Times, they are a changin'!

We had to get a move on so that we could open presents and eat Christmas casserole beforehand.

 Andrew makes the best faces when surprised! Love him!!!

I love this one because our dog looks exhausted from the fun! 

After church, we had our Christmas dinner and then played some "reindeer games."

I can't remember ever having a Christmas nap before but somehow I got one! Yay!

And then we went to Zac's in-laws to share desserts and play more games with their family!


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