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December 6, 2016

Catching up

During Thanksgiving week, two FIRSTS happened.

1. On Joy's actual birthday, I was too sick with the stomach flu to get out of bed!
And so, for the first time ever, I couldn't make a birthday kid a bear-shaped chocolate chip pancake! I'm pretty sure she would've lived just fine but to me, it was sad!
Because in this family, no matter how old you are turning, you get a bear pancake (that sometimes looks more like a rabbit) staring back at you, while your sleepy siblings and hyper mom sing Happy Birthday to you off key, you even though you aren't really awake yet!

But then Andrew and Tiffany made it happen! Whoo-hoo!So sweet of them! And then my pukey-self felt a teeny,tiny bit better!

2. For the first time in 25 years, I did not make any food on Thanksgiving. Not a thing!
It was a vicious stomach flu that did not need to be passed around to all of our company.
So, everyone chipped in to help! And every dish that makes Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving, to this family, got made. (and then some!)

The house was full of food and people we love.
Minus the flu, it a GREAT Thanksgiving!

Then the kids went Black Friday (or Gray Thursday or whatever it is) shopping and the other half of the fam went to visit other family. So, my sister and her friend, N and I, got cozy in the living room to watch PBS's new version of Anne of Green Gables.
But it was HORRIBLE.
So I dug out my original VHS tape of the Disney version from our teen years, that I had recently found in the attic!!!!
My sister and I atempted to set up the VCR WITHOUT the help of any techie teenagers, which meant it probably took us about two hours. LOL
We thankfully have one TV old enough for the VCR to still work on! Oh my goodness!
Remember rewinding?! Ugh!
But we were driven!
Because N had never seen the original and so Jen and I were consumed with showing her how much better it was than the PBS version. And due to our passion, she thought we were crazy! ; )

But we eventually got it working and she saw why we love the original SO VERY MUCH and agreed with us. (she probably didn't have a choice) ; )
So, it was all 1980's up in here that night and we, sisters enjoyed every minute of our blast from the past together!


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