"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

December 20, 2016

Full heart

My best friend flew in to spend the weekend!
She and her family are spending the week before Christmas on the beach. But first she came to visit us! We did lunch, shopped for gifts, looked at Christmas light displays, went to church and went out for gourmet popsicles. : )
I got her hooked on watching This Is Us, which I think is the best show on TV. We also needed some Elf in our lives. : )
And we'd both been dying to see Ben Hurr, so we rented that. It was such a quick but fun weekend. The rest of her family few in late Sunday night and they headed to the beach where it is in the 80's and the water isn't too cold to swim in. Welcome to Florida in the winter! LOL

Last night, this happened:

And now we are all ready for Christmas.
It was pretty amazing to fall asleep with all my kids under one roof last night.
I know this is a very unique Christmas and I plan to soak it all in! : )

Nathan gets to stay for three weeks. Hurray!
And what he is most looking forward to, are family dinners. I love that he appreciates those now. So much so, that he says they are mandatory for his whole visit! How cute is that!?

I wish I could tell all the moms of teenage sons not to worry. Those grumpy guys grow up and become as sweet as they once were when they were 7!
 I promise!
And they will love and appreciate all you did for them. They will admit that you were right. LOL
They will miss your cooking and count the days til they see you again. :)


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