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April 25, 2016

When the telephone game is real

Apparently, every hair stylist cuts themselves really badly, at least once!
It's a thing.
Unfortunately, my sweet daughter-in-love, who has been a cosmetologist for 3 years, had her turn recently, while cutting MY hair!!!
Oh my stars, was it sad! It was a pretty deep cut and it wouldn't stop bleeding. 
Just as after it happened, her mom came in the salon to say 'hi,' -The timing couldn't have been better because who doesn't want to see their mom when they are bleeding and in pain!?

My hair was wet and half trimmed but I didn't really care about my hair anymore anyway.
Then one of her coworkers insisted on finishing it for me and said that they weren't sending me out of the salon with wet hair, even if I was family!
When she finished it, I met up with them at the walk-in clinic and thankfully, she didn't need stitches afterall, just glue! PTL!

When I got home, Joy told me that my best friend, had called and was really worried. She heard from her son,
who heard from Andrew,
who got a text from Joy,
that while getting my hair cut, my HEAD got cut and I needed stitches
and I was at the hospital!!!

Oh, my word!
The telephone game, for real, Y'All! ; )
But via text messages and with the help of a typo!


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