"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

April 15, 2016

All the fun of late

When you buy your kids a vinyl for their collection

 and it is Duran Duran, as a joke, of course. 
The fact that I found it in an ANTIQUE store was not lost on me. ; ) 

How long have these existed? They stand!!! I proclaimed how genius these are out loud in the aisle of the grocery store! And then realized how glad I was to be the only one in that aisle!

Friday night Joy gave her first dinner party! She made gourmet pizza bagels with olive tapenade and a Cobb salad. Her guests brought the Krispy Kremes! Super fun night with people we love!

Andrew waited about 30 seconds after I left with Nathan for the airport, to start making their bedroom his own. LOL He has been waiting for this for "16 years" he said! It couldn't belong to a more grateful guy! He gave this recliner to Zac for his apartment.
As you can see, they took a little break before carrying it up 2 flights of stairs.: )

When Nathan got home, he bought his very own Prius. His passion for them has convinced several friends to buy one. Now, his dream has come true. Yay!

Dates with Dad, have continued as Dates with Mom. This was my first time to take out my sweet Daughter-in-love. We went out to breakfast and then antique shopping. 

Look at the size of these cranberry walnut pancakes?! I'm planning to make my own soon. But not this large. 

Saturday was a gorgeous day! When this comes into view...

it means that I am almost at my happy place!

We were also at Andrew's happy place on Saturday:

Being there reminded us both of Hubby.

His motto was "You can never own too many guitars."
This guy believes that too! ; )

Hubby left Andrew his Martin guitar! ❤️
And we are having his electric guitar fixed and given to him for his birthday.❤️

Can't believe he will be 17 soon! 


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