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April 21, 2016

All the appointments

Last night, Joy slipped at work and sprained her ankle. : (
And since she couldn't put weight on her right foot, she couldn't drive home.
So, I raced off to pick her up at 11:30 PM and we had to leave her car there (which made me nervous) and then had to stop to buy pain killers at midnight. Bless her heart!
We went to the doctor today for an x-ray and we found out that all is well! She just had to spend her day icing and elevating. I enjoyed the chance to take care of the sweet girl who is usually always on the go. And dear Zac came to our rescue and helped me get her car back home.

Then, I was off to another appointment, which was with the orthodontist for a quote for braces for Andrew. We had been saving up for those, when life threw us a few curves. So, although we planned to do this way before now, we haven't been able to. And bless his heart, he is not happy about getting braces this late in life. Not happy at all.
While we were there we found out that quite a bit has changed since we walked this road with Zac nine years ago! (how could it be nine?!) Speaking of which, I couldn't believe that all the same receptionists STILL work there! And the orthodontist couldn't believe that Zac is married!
He told us what luck Andrew is in by being the youngest brother because:

He will have the invisible, clear braces!!!
It won't cost us any more! (happy dance!!!)
He can take them in and out. -Hello, senior pictures WITHOUT braces. Yahoo!
It will take less than two years! Yay!
He will only have check-ups once every two months!
And apparently, there is a monitor/sensor inside them that will tell the orthodontist whether he is actually wearing his braces for the required 22 hours a day.
 If he isn't, they have threatened to put on the very silver, very noticeable, traditional kind instead, at no extra charge!  -LOL
Now, there's some motivation!

Quite the day, but good news all around!


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