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September 16, 2015

Wedding week

Last Monday, our dear friends from CA flew into town for the wedding festivities. We had barely said more than 'hello' when my best friend asked how she could help with the wedding and she didn't have to ask me twice! : )

She jumped in and scanned baby pictures of Zac for the wedding slideshow, did my dishes and she helped me sew this canopy/chuppah thing that the kids wanted to get married under, until 11:30 PM.
Tuesday morning she took me out for a manicure/pedicure! What a fun break that was!

Hubby's brother and his wife arrived next and then the four of us headed to the airport to welcome their dad, who will turn 84 this year. He loved his reception!
I made a fajita bar that night and they all came over from their hotel for dinner.

Father and son

3 generations
After dinner, my dad, my sister and her friend all flew in. 
We had a fun evening visiting and I served key lime pie because it is so Floridian. : ) 

My brother and his family flew in late Tuesday night, so we didn't get to see them until the next morning when I had a brunch for everyone at 11:00 because they were still on west coast time. : )
By then there were 18 of us! 

This was the FIRST TIME EVER that our home was filled with people who are related to us on both sides of our family! My heart was so full! What a blessing it was to have almost all of our loved ones in our home at once! 

I only took a couple of pictures and they were of people chewing. : )

Then I pretty much declared that I needed all the estrogen in the room to help me pull off the canopy, which was still unfinished! LOL

Everyone pitched in to help! Even the guys!

 There were about 10 of us working on it at times! I love my family!!!
Around 4 we all parted ways. Some of us headed to the wedding rehearsal and others to their hotels.

I'm happy to say that the canopy got finished an hour beforehand! Hooray!

The only problem was that we didn't have time to set it up before the rehearsal started. : ) So, it looked like this

About this time, it started getting real! Ahhh!!!!

 One of my sweet sisters-in-law went to the restaurant to help set things up for the rehearsal dinner while we practiced. And my sweet brother and his wife stood in for some of the grandparents who weren't present. We finished on time and headed to the rehearsal dinner for some fun!
More to come on that and the big day!


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