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September 25, 2015

Update on my precious man

When we found out that the cancer was back, Hubby got started with chemo right away. He had his first treatment two weeks before Zac's wedding.
Honestly, the oncologist did not offer much hope...
And we were OK with that, because God is and has always been our HOPE. : )

We were grateful he would have time to recover before the wedding. And the nurse said that he wouldn't start to loose his hair until afterwards.
Which did happen, the VERY day after the wedding!!!

The precious men that he works with, who are big, burly construction workers, set a date to pray and fast for him to have the strength to enjoy the wedding. Isn't that the sweetest thing ever?
They planned their fast for Thursday, thinking that the wedding was Saturday. But unbeknownst to them, the wedding was on Thursday evening, the day they had chosen!
And there prayers were certainly answered.
He felt great until about 10:30 PM! It was amazing!

He had his second chemo treatment last Friday. (they are 5 hours long!)  Before it took place, he had the strength to celebrate our anniversary and my birthday! His favorite thing to do, right now, (if you don't count church) is to go and see a movie. He can walk into the theater and sit down before he gets too worn out. He is not a fan of the wheelchair and never wants to use it. -That may have a little bit to do with the driver though. ; )

I went hat shopping for him the other day, but he's decided that he would rather rock the bald look. ; )
He and Andrew are sharing clothes now. That is how THIN he is, bless his heart. -It is hard to fatten up a guy who only has a part of a stomach. But I'm trying!

We are suppose to keep his exposure to germs at a minimum. He was suppose to only fist bump people at the wedding, but they ignored his fist and grabbed him into big hugs. : ) Hard to resist!

Thankfully, his blood work is excellent! And the CAT scan he had recently showed that there is no cancer anywhere else in his body. PTL!!! We were with the oncologist when he saw the scan for the first time. He was actually surprised at how good it looked. He said that Hubby just needs to eat some ice cream (to put on some weight) and have some more chemo.
One more treatment to go.

Keep him in your prayers. He's been feeling pretty crummy lately. Thanks!

Love and hugs,

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